14 APRIL - 16 JUNE 2019

Mdina Cathedral Museum
Monday-Sunday from 0930-1700 (last entry 1615)

Full Ticket: €10
Exhibition Only: €8
Museum Only: €3.50
Students and Senior Citizens (60+): €8
Children under 12 enter free of charge

“Since its inception, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti has always prided itself in being at the forefront of Malta’s exhibitions and their overall visitor experience. We have strived hard to reach uncompromising standards in the hope of putting the Maltese islands on the international map.

Music in Malta – from Prehistory to Vinyl, FPM’s latest project, is to prove no different. With the use of multimedia technology this exhibition explores the music and musical instruments that have weaved their way through the Island’s rich history. Through wireless audio guides, sound and narration will lead you through this journey of musical artefacts. A feast for the senses, this exhibition hopes to evoke and provoke whilst remaining true to the context for which it was created.

However, this project extends further than the exhibition. FPM is collaborating with various local and foreign talent to enrich the experience with performances, talks and workshops. A fully comprehensive photographically illustrated catalogue will also be available.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.”

Michael Lowell
CEO, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti

This exhibition, which is being held at the Mdina Cathedral Museum, is being guest-curated by Dr Anna Borg Cardona; one of the leading authorities on our national music history and traditional musical instruments. To date she has published a number of books and various articles on the subject, including a recent FPM publication titled ‘Musical Instruments of the Maltese Islands’.

“The most fascinating thing about a Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti exhibition is that it brings out surprising treasures from hidden nooks and crannies in Malta’s private and public collections. This exhibition promises to be no different!”

“We will be leading you through Malta’s cultural development within the context of the Mediterranean and the larger European continent, starting with Prehistory and ending with early Maltese shellac and vinyl recordings. The instruments, music and artefacts we are exhibiting help to unfold all the forces that contributed to the formation of this multi-faceted musical culture – whether sacred or secular, and whether folk, popular or art music. We have a wonderful variety of exhibits which we are so much looking forward to showing you.”

Renzo Spiteri, who is a sound artist, composer and musician, is also on board the creative production of the exhibition in terms of both the audio and visual material that will be exhibited.

“An exhibition that celebrates the richness and diversity of music in Malta and its neighbouring countries merits that extra attention where the sonic aspect is involved. Together with the whole team, I am looking into making sure that each patron's experience will be enhanced with the particular treatment of sound, as the encounter with each section of the walk-through unfolds. The aim is to have different spaces charged with their own distinct identity and atmosphere and sound will surely play a very important role in the shaping of these spaces. Headphones, delivering sound-designed audio tracks, will weave the narrative of the exhibition in a particularly focused manner.”

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