“Listening, to me, is the point of departure that allows me to engage deeper with the ecology of substances that constitute the world. The complex interplay of everyday sounds intrigues me and pushes me to investigate and question my position as a contributor within the sonic fabric of our surroundings.” – Renzo Spiteri

Evolution is Renzo Spiteri’s a new experiential sound performance that invites participants to consciously engage with the act of listening (as opposed to the habitual act of hearing) and to experience atmospheres that are generated within transformed spaces through the presence of sound. Combining Renzo’s skills as sound artist, composer and percussionist, the event draws on his creative journey as improviser, field recordist and sound designer, and centres around his personal speculations of the sounds, and the lack of, in prehistoric Malta, with ‘sounds’ in this case, referring to the intricate and ever-changing naturally orchestrated music of the earth. Evolution therefore celebrates the soundscapes that could have been, of the presence and absence of sounds and spaces of a time long lost, a time when nothingness was everything, a time when the sounds of nature had a predominant presence and when humankind lived more in-tune with the natural elements that conditioned its very own existence. Join him for what promises to be a special aural experience.


Renzo Spiteri is a sound artist and creative musician who specialises in improvisation, field recording, sound collection, composition and sound design, and their application in installations, live performances and sonic material for film/moving image that he creates. Through his work, Renzo brings about a deeper sensorial engagement between listeners and his sonic creations, be it in public spaces, performance venues, film and art galleries. Renzo holds a master’s degree in Sound Art from Oxford Brookes University.


Due to the immersive nature of the event, the performance will be set up in the round, and audience members are encouraged to sit towards the centre of the room and make use of the cushions that will be provided. A limited number of chairs will be made available on first come, first served basis. Patrons requiring chairs due to physical limitations are kindly requested to inform us in advance on

Renzo Spiteri performed on Friday 26th April 2019 at Palazzo de Piro.
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Photos: Lisa Attard
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