The project Mascarimirì was formed between the Fall of 1997 and the Winter of 1998, when Claudio ‘Cavallo’ Giagnotti and Cosimo Giagnotti (two brothers of Roma origins) chose to end their experience with Terra de Menzu; one of the first bands whom at the beginning of the 1990s, contributed to the resurgence of Salento traditional music. Between 1999 and 2003 the musical project grew stronger and more mature. Vito Giannone (mandolin) and Beppe Branca (bass) joined Cavallo with the introduction of the bass line in the groove of pizzica pizzica, represented the out-and-out turning point towards Tradinnovazione. ‘Punk-Dub Tarantolato Salentino’ is the definition used to underline the experimental vocation of the band that inserted new techniques into the traditional musical heritage and style of Salento that had never been used until then. With 10 studio-recorded albums and a first-class concert activity, the band from Muro Leccese today represents the most innovative expression of Pizzica Pizzica Salentina.

Their new live show for 2019 titled ‘Tradizionall’ will form part of the Music in Malta – From Prehistory to Vinyl project. Tradizionall will present a mixture of the Pizzica Pizzica sounds with the Arabic and Andalusian flavor, the Tammurriata in electro gipsy and the Tarantella Punk Tarantolato. To continue the artistic idea of Tradinnovazione stared in 1998, the new live show will include sounds halfway between the concept of Dance Hall typical of the Jamaican Sound System, and the traditional party of Salento with an ever-present attention to the Salento vocal expression, united with the electronic loops of Salento polyphony and songs, accompanied by the Tamburreddhu (typical Salento frame drum).​

AYWA and Mascarimiri performed on Friday 24th May in the Mdina Ditch. This was a free, open-air concert.
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Photos: Lisa Attard