Located between Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean has always been a melting pot of artistic expressions and ideas from the continents bordering it. In the process of moulding their own identity, the Maltese Islands, situated right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, have absorbed various influences from these diverse cultures.

 The project Music in Malta – From Prehistory to Vinyl highlights the wealth of musical instruments and sounds associated with our culture, their development locally and within the Mediterranean, and the influences that have helped to shape them.


NOVEMBER 2018 - JUNE 2019

This programme of music concerts includes a variety of genres and styles from popular, folk and classical traditions that may be connected historically, geographically or musically with Malta. These performances will give a perception of local musical traditions within a Euro-Mediterranean context.



14 APRIL - 16 JUNE 2019

Through a display of musical instruments sourced from Malta’s private and public collections, the exhibition will demonstrate how Malta’s musical culture fits into a Mediterranean context. The sounds of a variety of instruments from different cultures will aid in the narration of the wonderfully intricate story of the music created and enjoyed by the Maltese throughout their history.

Music in Malta - Sacred MusicMusic in Malta - Baroque to Romantic
Music in Malta - Folk and RitualMusic in Malta - The Early Recordings
Music in Malta - In the BeginningMusic in Malta - Il-Banda
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